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Moving head light CE certification application test standard items

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Moving head light CE certification application test standard items

Moving head light is a kind of lamps used on the stage, mainly to enhance the atmosphere of the stage effect.

Moving head computer lights are composed of three major systems: optics, mechanics, electrical and program control.

The three systems are interrelated and organically combined to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, cooling system, noise, positioning and other elements.

Exporting moving head lights to the EU market requires CE certification before they can be sold in the EU market and successfully cleared customs when entering the EU market.

Moving head light CE certification application test standards are as follows:

1. Fault Detect
2. Bumping Test
3. Vibration Test
4. Impact Test
5. Electrical Clearance
6. Creepage Distance
7. Electric shock
8. Heat Test
9. Overload Test
10. Temperature Rising Test

EMC electromagnetic compatibility test standards: EN 55015,EN61547,EN61000, the test items include the following aspects:
3.SD:Static electricity
4.CS:Conducted Susceptibility
5.RS: Radiated Susceptibilit
6.EFT/B:Electrical fast transient burst
Information required for CE certification for moving head lights:
1. Company information: name, address, trademark, business license;
2. Product information: name, model, and technical parameter table (if there are multiple models, comparison data of series product differences are required);
3. Instructions for use;

CE certification process for moving head lights:
1. Project application-submit a CE certification application to Baitestwei inspection tube.
2. Document preparation-According to CE certification requirements, the company prepares relevant certification documents.
3. Product testing-the company sends the samples to be tested to the laboratory for testing.
4. Compilation report-The certified engineer compiles the report based on the qualified test data.
5. Submit for review-the engineer will review the complete report.
6. Certificate issuance-CE certification will be issued after the report is verified.
Moving head light processing CE certification cycle 7-10 working days

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