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How to evaluate & choose the right LED moving light supplier for your business- Part 2

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How to evaluate & choose the right LED moving light supplier for your business

Part 2

6. Speed and flexibility

A flexible LED moving head light supplier can help you respond quickly to changing customer needs and unexpected events.

Larger suppliers have a mature management process to protect the business can operate normally, but mature and sound management process is certainly very good, but will often encounter the embarrassment of slow efficiency.

Small suppliers, on the other hand, rely on a flexible business strategy to ensure the survival and development of enterprises, as reflected in timely and efficient customer management, flexible quotes, flexible demand changes, flexible staff deployment, flexible services, fast after-sales solutions, etc. For example, when there is a technical problem with the moving head light, the technical team needs to communicate and deal with it in a timely and efficient manner.

7. Financial security

Does the supplier have a strong enough financial chain to ensure delivery of your product, rather than worrying about going out of business?

8.Achieving Certification

Moving head light is a kind of lamps used on the stage, mainly to enhance the atmosphere of the stage effect.

Moving head computer lights are composed of three major systems: optics, mechanics, electrical and program control.

The three systems are interrelated and organically combined to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, cooling system, noise, positioning and other elements.

Each country has different certification requirements, and having certification for your local market is a passport that indicates that your moving head light meets the import requirements of your local market.

9. Developing Partnerships, Win-Win

Ultimately, the manufacturer/supplier relationship is at its best when a strategic partnership is formed, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.

Buyers can enhance communication with suppliers to improve the order processing process and increase the accuracy of material requirements; they can share suppliers' technology and innovations to speed up product development and shorten the product development cycle; they can share management experience with suppliers to promote the overall management level of the enterprise

With stronger business partnerships, suppliers are more likely to anticipate manufacturers' needs and begin to take a leadership role in communication.

Do you know how to evaluate & choose the right LED moving light supplier for your business now?

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