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Why choosing a manufacturer as your supplier?

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1.1 Stage lights are professional equipment

Stage lights are high technology products, quality factors quality is the survival of the supply chain, the use of the product value is based on product quality, it determines the quality of the final consumer goods, affecting the market competitiveness and share of the product. Therefore, quality is an important factor in choosing suppliers.

Communicate with professional equipment manufacturers, even if you are concerned about a uncommon issue, the engineers and designers of fixture can understand your concerns, respond quickly, and make adjustments to the product in accordance with your specific requirements to deliver a product that meets the customer's requirements

1.2 Delivery time

The on-time delivery factor directly affects the continuity of your production and supply activities by delivering products on time and at the agreed time and place. It also affects the inventory levels at all levels of the supply chain, which in turn affects the speed of the company's response to the market, interrupting the production plans of manufacturers and the sales plans of sellers.

The delivery time of the trading company is linked to the production situation of the factory, which will give a reasonable delivery time according to its own production plan.

1.3. Price

The price of the manufacturer is definitely lower than the trader.

1.4. Quotation speed

Source manufacturers quoted quickly, they are familiar with the product, very clear about the cost of a product, non-source factories are not familiar with the situation, but also to find the source manufacturers to quote, so the quotation time is lengthened.

1.5. Factory field inspection

Entity factory can provide trial orders in addition to customers can also see the production environment of the product, at any time to see the progress of product production, the quality can be seen. Entity manufacturers of after-sales guarantee, you can promise to exchange or return or a few years warranty.

1.6. Foreign trade development trend

With the trend of source factories transforming export companies, the factory's level of service, market information, etc. is catching up with foreign trade companies, and technical staff support, fast communication time, price concessions and other advantages.

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