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Modular structure design for moving head lights

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In our daily life, we may often hear about the modular design of product, so what is modular design?

In fact, there are some small parts to form a module, and then some different modules are assembled to form a finished product, which is similar to the building blocks that children play. These components can be replaced, added, removed, without affecting the overall design.

How about the modular design of the internal structure of LED moving head light? What are the benefits of modularity?

Take an Ares Profile 1000 from Favolite as an example. The modular design of this LED profile lighting is divided into 5 modules.

1. Lens module, including lens, frost, prism

2. Effect module, including gobo wheel (fixed + rotating), color wheel, iris, animation wheel

3. Framing system

4. CMY+CTO module

5. LED module (light source) + cooling system

When I asked my clients if they had any troubles when using the moving lights, some of them answers were the cleaning of the interior of the moving lights.

Of course, if the internal structure of the light with modular design, can easily solve this problem.

So what are the advantages of moving head light with compact and reasonable modular internal structure?

Clean the interior of moving head light quickly

Maintenance and installation are more convenient, which can effectively save the maintenance cost in the later period.

Ensure the stability of the whole light and reduce the failure rate.

Let's enjoy the convenience brought to us by the modular design of the moving head light.

The above is about the modular design of the internal structure of LED moving head light.

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