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Successful Case with European Client: Igniting Collaboration with Exceptional Service

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Case Description


We are thrilled to introduce a distinctive European client who marks a significant milestone in our journey.

Not only have we become their inaugural lighting collaboration partner,

but we also stand as their premier Chinese specialist in lighting equipment.

Focusing on lighting projects and distribution,

their company places paramount importance on quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Upon presenting our quotation, their product manager delved into a detailed inquiry,

seeking to understand the craftsmanship and parameter measurement methods of each lighting model.

Even finer details like payment methods were scrutinized.

Upon receiving the quotation,

I promptly furnished comprehensive documentation, including all lighting library files such as MA, Tiger, Pearl, DAS, and GDTF.

The client was genuinely impressed,

stating, "Wow, you are the first factory I've encountered that proactively provides lighting library data.

This not only saved our lighting designer a significant amount of time but also enabled my client to swiftly initiate the project."

Throughout the collaboration,

the client maintained a cautious approach,

having previously relied on prominent brands (Brand C).

This marked their first direct purchase of lighting fixtures from China.

In-depth discussions were complemented by the provision of rich technical data and recorded technical videos.

After comparing with two other Chinese brands,

they ultimately chose us, acquiring 36 pcs F-0760BW and 12 pcs Vader Pro 350 with flight-case.

This collaboration not only establishes our inaugural lighting partnership but also solidifies our position as the preferred supplier in the Chinese lighting equipment sector for their company.

As a dedicated lighting equipment provider,

we deliver high-quality, innovative products,

showcasing exceptional professional expertise throughout the collaboration.

The success of this collaboration signifies our stature and influence in the Chinese lighting market while providing the client with a reliable lighting solution.

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