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How to choose high-quality LED moving head lights? (Part Ⅰ)

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Perhaps most people are troubled by how to choose a high-quality moving head light. It is easy to fall into the trap if you choose blindly. So there are some tips for buying lights with moving head lights for your reference.

1. Light Source:

In recent years, LED modules have become more and more popular in the market. Compared with the COB LED, it has a higher light output, more stable and has a longer lifetime.

2. Cooling System:

An excellent cooling system has an important role to maintain the stability of the whole light, Aluminum cooling system is the most common. Also there is a liquid cooling system, which is more efficient and quieter.

3. CMY System:

As we all know, moving head lights are almost always equipped with color wheels.This year, CMY, which has similar functions to the color wheel, has also become popular.Excellent CMY system can effectively enhance the stage effect.

Rotating CMY has been widely used in the past. Gradually replaced by new version of CMY, the new version is through Three primary colors are continuously mixed, countless colors can be presented. And the color is more uniform, and the color changes faster.

(More details, please refer to: How to choose CMY for moving head spot light? )

4. Quiet structure:

When the moving head light is running, Some of its functions will make some noise, like Pan/Titt moving, zoom, cooling system... This is not allowed in some noise-sensitive applications, like theater. So, with quiet structure is very important for a high-quality moving light.

For more tips on selecting moving head light, please refer to How To Choose High-Quality Led Moving Head Lights? (Part ).

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