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Why did Favolite choose a "different" way in the lighting industry?

Guangzhou, China(the most intensive production place of moving head lights in the world).

Based on the particularity of stage light (black house, low recognition),

Here,"Public models" are more ubiquitous than "private models".

But many people don't know it at all.

They choose the "public model" lighting for short-term benefits,

& found some setbacks

(not only quality problem,

But also deep-seated of lighting:optics, software, etc.).

An internationally popular saying: Made in China = low quality

Favolite saw such market situation,

Determined to be the benchmark enterprise of stage lights in the world.

The road of "private model" is so difficult for 12 years,

Adhere to strict raw material screening, close to 100+ tests for each key part,

Adhere to high-standard production check, more than 4 times before delivery;

Make sure that customers have high-quality, unique stage lights experience.

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